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What Fencing is Best for Agricultural Farms?

Jul. 06, 2021

Fencing is used to control wildlife in the form of damage to crops or farms. The choice of Agricultural Fencing depends on the crops to be grown, the size of the farm, the location of the farm, and many different factors such as cost and maintenance. Properly installed and maintained, proper fencing will save you time, frustration, money, and your relationship with your neighbors.

Woven Wire Fencing

Field fencing is also known as livestock wire fencing. Sheep, goats, pigs and poultry can be difficult to control. They will climb, dig or fly over many fences, so woven wire has been the choice for these animals for many years. It is also favored by many horse owners because horses are less likely to get tangled in woven wire than in barbed wire, and because of its sturdiness, it is often used for corrals in areas where predators are a problem and for corrals left in place at night.

Knitting Wire Mesh

Knitting Wire Mesh

Barbed Wire Fencing

The main advantage of barbed wire fencing is that it provides security in an inexpensive manner. The sharp barbed wire will act as an effective deterrent to human and animal intruders. If cattle are fenced in with barbed wire, they will not try to cross the fence once they find out what it is. Barbed wire fencing can also help protect produce fields from being trampled by animals that might otherwise trample on the harvest or feast on it. An added benefit is that barbed wire fencing can be easily and cost effectively erected, especially when fencing over large farm fields. This type of fencing does not obstruct the view in any way.

Hexagonal wire mesh

Hexagonal Wire Mesh, also called chicken wire, is widely used in industrial and agricultural construction, construction work and all such made reinforcement and fencing, as protective cages, guards for windows and mechanical safety isolation, floor screen reinforcement and poultry cages, fishing, gardens and children's playgrounds.

Welded Wire Mesh Fencing

Welded wire mesh panels are made of high quality welded wire mesh with individual wires simply spot welded at their intersections, with a flat and even surface and a strong structure, providing strength appropriate to the fencing application. It is widely used in construction, food, agriculture and other fields.

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