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Perforated Metal

Product Description

Product Name:

Perforated Metal, Perforated metal mesh, Punching hole mesh


Material of perforated metal

A. Low carbon steel

B. Galvanized steel

C. Stainless steel

D. Aluminum

E. Copper



Ventilation, light and air penetration and anti-sand property.

High strength and security.

Perfect anti-corrosion property and rust resistance.

Various choices in opening sizes/areas, gauges and materials, hole shapes/patterns.

Wide application for architectural and decorative aspects.

Aesthetic appearance.

Low maintenance.

Easy installation.


Hole patterns

Round hole, square hole, slotted hole, hexagonal hole and decorative hole.



A. Perforated metal security fence/grating

B. Perforated metal isolation fence/balcony fence

C. Perforated metal bridge/walkway/stair treads

D. Perforated metal ceiling

E. Perforated metal facade/cladding

F. Perforated metal window&door mesh

G. Perforated metal furniture

H. Interior decoration/interior wall

I. Perforated metal filter element

J. Micro Perforated metal filter mesh(Etched Perforated Metal)

K. Perforated metal car and speaker grilles

L. Perforated metal BBQ grill mesh

M. Wind dust fence

N. Anti-slipped perforated metal

O. Perforated Metal Sunshade 

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