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What Fence is Best Suitable For An Agricultural Farm?

Mar. 20, 2021

Fences are used to control the wild animals' form of damage to the crop or farms.  Agricultural Fencing can be chosen by depending on the crop plant, area of the farm, location of the farm, and many different factors like cost, maintenance, etc. Properly installed and maintained, the proper fence will save you time, frustration, money, and your relationship with your neighbors.

Woven wire fences:

The field fence is also called the livestock Wire Fence. Sheep, goats, pigs and poultry are difficult to contain. They climb, dig or fly through many fences, so for years woven wire has been the choice for these animals. It's also favored by many horse owners as horses are less likely to get tangled in the woven wire than in barbed wire and because of its sturdy character, it’s often used for corrals and night-holding pens in areas with predator problems.

Barbed fences:

The chief advantage of barbed fences is the security it provides in an inexpensive manner. The sharp barbed wire will act as an effective deterrent to intruders of the human and animal variety. If cattle have been fenced in with barbed wire, they will not attempt to cross the fence after once discovering what it is. Barbed fencing can also help keep fields of produce safe from animals which might otherwise trample upon harvest or feast on it. Yet another advantage is that barbed fencing can be put up with ease and is cost-effective especially when fencing in large plots of farmland. This type of fencing does not block the view in any manner.

Hexagonal wire net:

Hexagonal Wire Net is also called Chicken Wire, which is extensively used in industrial and agricultural construction, building works, and all such made for the purpose of reinforcing and fencing as protective cage, guards for window and machinery safety isolation, floor screen reinforcement and poultry cage, fishing, garden and children's playground.

Welded wire fences:

The welded wire mesh panel is made of high quality welded wire mesh, the individual wires are simply spot-welded at their intersection point with flat even surface, firm structure to provide the strength that is appropriate to the use of the fence. It is extensively used in building, food, agriculture, and so on.

The company also provides Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and woven mesh, please feel free to contact us if necessary